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Your face is a big part of your identity and self-confidence. Everyone has had a bad day with pesky acne and ended up feeling worse and much more self-conscious, that’s why so many people dedicate a lot of time to skin scare and routines to keep their face looking clear and smooth.



Beauty of Wax is a facial treatment spa in Hollywood Florida here to keep your skin in top condition and get you on the right path to clearing out uneven pigmentation, acne, fine lines, and more. Try out our hydrafacial treatment at a reasonable cost in Hollywood Florida to bring out the best in your skin.


What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels work to rejuvenate your skin by removing the very top layer of the skin, taking off dead skin cells and bringing your fresh smooth skin out. This is becoming an increasingly popular skin resurfacing technique because of its effectiveness. 

Chemical peels come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs; specifically mild, medium, and deep peels. A mild peel, also sometimes called a lunchtime peel uses a reduced or mild amount to get the very most outer layer of the skin, this option is gentle and mildly exfoliates. Medium peels go a bit deeper into the skin layers, getting to remove damaged cells. By going deeper it works to reach age spots, fine lines, and discoloration much more than the mild option. Deep chemical peels give much more dramatic results, working to remove moderate lines on your face, freckles, age spots, and scars. 


Why Should I Have a Chemical Peel Done?

This treatment is great news for many people with skin issues, chemical peels can work to remove things ranging from acne, sunspots, fine lines, and more. Here are some of the potential benefits to your skin that chemical peels can give you:

  • Unclog pores
  • Clear up acne
  • Leave your skin smooth
  • Increase the skin cell turnover rate
  • Make your skin look dewy
  • Help skin produce more collagen
  • Decrease fine lines
  • Remove dark spots and sunspots
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Make skin look even-toned
  • Improve skin texture
  • Improve minor scarring


How Is The Peel Done?

Before your appointment, it’s best to exfoliate your skin to prepare it for the peel. Though before the peel starts your skin will be cleansed so to make sure all surface oils and other such things are removed allowing the peel to penetrate properly.

After your session, your skin will be a bit sensitive to the sun so this time of year and fall and winter months are actually the best time to get this treatment done. You might notice redness around an hour after the treatment. Peeling will start about 3 to 5 days after depending on the type of peel received and the person. Some might experience no peeling after the treatment and a few people experience mild itching.


Who is Suitable for a Chemical Peel?

Chemicals peels don’t have many restrictions in who can use them, it’s best to avoid it if you are currently pregnant or nursing at the moment or have a tendency for scars or cold sores. Since this type of facial peel can reduce skin pigmentation the effectiveness of that can depend on your skin’s natural pigment.


Looking For Great Results? Turn to a Trusted Waxing and Facials Spa in Hollywood, Florida

Try out a chemical peel and get your skin looking great. Reach out to Beauty of Wax today and talk with one of our professionals to get started. Take advantage of our September promotions for facials, and get smooth skin for less!


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Hydro Jelly mask has a jelly-like texture that adds hydration, cools and smoothes the skin and gives you an amazing radiant complexion. They create a completely feather-soft, vacuum-esque seal over the skin. Under the seal, the mask pumps up the hydration, and nourishes with quality ingredients – all these benefits are delivered deep into the skin.


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