What’s the Rub?

A Therapeutic Massage at Beauty of Wax is Good for All That Ails You!

AHHHHH….Massage.  Is it one of life’s greatest pleasures?  Or one of life’s necessities? If you use your body for anything besides eating and sleeping, it’s both.
I tell my boyfriend, who has never had one, all the time.  But he doesn’t listen. Says he doesn’t want a big man touching him, and the only woman he wants touching him is me.  That’s very sweet, but hey, he is missing out on one of the joys of having a body. And if you, like me, experience the aches and pains of working out, wearing high heels, or just general wear and tear on your arms, legs, shoulders and back, well, it’s time to come to the spa and experience the pleasure of being pushed, pulled and pummeled into a relaxed and revitalized state of bliss.
Here at Beauty of Wax, we make our massages as much of a special event as we do any visit to our spas.  You’re welcomed with a smile and a cup of tea (or if it’s a Saturday, a glass of champagne or a mimosa!) and ushered to the zen area in the back, where you’ll strip down (only to where you’re comfortable) and lay your body onto one of our cushy, inviting massage tables.
Low lighting and soft music envelope you as your highly trained and a licensed therapist begins to run her hands over your body to relax you before she gets into the serious work.  We offer a full range of massages from the usual — Sweedish (relaxing) and Deep Tissue (great for athletes, or if you’ve pulled a muscle or hurt your back) — to the special: Pre-Natal and Post-Surgical, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.  Plus there are all kinds of add-ons available, like aromatherapy, or CBD oil from our Beauty of CBD line.
You even have the option to take a few minutes in our private sauna before or after your session.
The benefits of massage are well documented.
The ten most common usually reported are: 
1. Reducing Stress
2. Improving Circulation
3. Reducing Pain
4. Eliminating Toxins from your body
5. Improving Flexibility
6. Improving Sleep
7. Enhancing Immunity to the bad things out there
8. Reducing Fatigue
9. Alleviating Depression and Anxiety
10. Reducing post-surgery and post-injury swelling
Plus it just feels good — and it’s kind of a self-indulgent treat!
So call to book your appointment — mention that you saw it here on the blog and get one of those add-ons above added on as a special gift.
And oh, yeah — we also offer couples massages.  Both of you in one room. Two massage therapists.  Four hands.
Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to give it a try after all!
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