New Organic Wax!

honey wax

When I was in high school, a friend of mine from Egypt showed us how they did “natural” waxing where she came from.  She mixed up a concoction a saucepan on her stove — it had lemon, honey and sugar, it melted into a ball and we rolled it over the hairy back of one of our male friends; that is, she rolled, and the other four of us sat on his limbs to keep him from flailing, running away or beating her up as she pulled on the hairs all over his body. OUCH!

Well, we’ve come a long way, baby, when it comes to waxing.  It’s faster, cleaner, more sanitary and certainly less painful.  Here at Beauty of Wax we have built a business, and our reputation, on making your waxing experience as pleasant as it can possibly be.  And now, we take that even one step further, with the introduction of our new Organic Wax.

The 100% natural wax was developed and made in Brazil and is composed of elements extracted directly from the Amazon (and that’s!).  The ingredients include cocoa, almonds, cupuaçu, and honey, for a plastic-free, low-odor, less-painful, lower-temperature, less-irritating treatment with the same results.  And there’s NO rolling a painful ball of wax up and down your hairy parts.

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