Lighten Up — Yes, Even There!

Beauty is Everywhere — Here’s the Scoop on Skin Lightening for those Private Areas that you May Have Been Embarrassed to Discuss Even With Your Closest Confidant!

Here at Beauty of Wax, we do our best to be on top of the trends in the beauty business.  And sometimes we find things that maybe you think about but didn’t really think that other people also think about.  Take, for example, being embarrassed about dark or discolored skin in your intimate areas. Now there’s an area (no pun intended) that I did not know was an area of concern for anyone, but lo and behold, it turns out that for millions of people, it is.

Of course, we all want to look our best, always.  And here in the Sunshine State, where often, the less you wear, the better, everyone wants to look their best too, in their most intimate body parts.

And of course, being The Place Where South Florida Comes to Get Sexy, we’re there to help.
But before we get into the nitty gritty of the process, let’s talk a little about the origins of skin lightening treatments for these sensitive and intimates areas.

The procedure, more commonly known as anal bleaching, was started in the porn industry.  I don’t think I need to go into detail here as to why. Use your imagination. It gained exposure (again, sorry for the pun) in the early 2000s when adult film actress Tabitha Stevens had her anus bleached on the reality show series Dr. 90210, saying she wanted to look more pleasant on camera. The procedure was also briefly shown in 2004 in an episode of another reality TV show, Cosmetic Surgery Live. After these shows aired, Google Data reported a surge in internet searches for the procedure. Then, in 2010, Kourtney Kardashian revealed on her Miami TV show that she’d also tried anal bleaching, and again, online queries went wild.

Fashion magazines around the world picked up the news and began writing about it.
Wikipedia reports that as Brazilian waxing and smaller swimsuits and lingerie became more popular and pornography moved more into the mainstream, and the procedure was endorsed by celebrities like Kardasian, women began noticing that their anuses were darker than the rest of their skin.  The increase in the number of women engaging in anal sex, said the report, has also contributed to women’s concern over the appearance of their anus. To combat this perceived problem, genital bleaching began to gain appeal. Gay men also make use of this procedure.

Today, Doctors and aestheticians from New York to L.A. to Abu Dhabi are reporting that inquiries and procedures continue to increase, and that even home parties are becoming a thing.

Meanwhile, South Beach Skin Solutions, the professional skin care company that we work with, was way ahead of the game.  They launched their professional-grade Lightening Gel treatment in 2005. And while many companies have tried to copy their formula, they remain one of the top providers in the industry.

The South Beach Lightening Gel is specifically formulated to be extra gentle for your sensitive private parts, but it’s not just for that part of the body.  It works on any area where you have dark spots that you want to get rid of. It can be also be used for underarms, face, knees/elbows, scars, burns, dark spots and more.

The company recommends their products for

  1. Anal & Vaginal Discolorations
  2. Dark Genital Areas
  3. Dark Underarms
  4. Dark Nipples
  5. Dark Spots
  6. Age/Liver/Sun Spots
  7. Acne Scars
  8. Burn Marks / Scars (Discoloration)
  9. Hyperpigmentation
  10. Melasma / Chloasma (Pregnancy Mask)
  11. All Areas of the body including the face
  12. All Skin Types

The South Beach products are made with gentle, natural ingredients and the most advanced science available. The company notes that its priority is the creation of skincare products that meet its own high standards for safety, gentleness and effectiveness.

They do not include harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury or kojic acid, which are not appropriate for the anal or vaginal areas. All the product are independently dermatologist tested and are trusted and used by thousands of professionals (estheticians, cosmetologists, make up artists, pharmacists, doctors, nurses and more) in more than 50 countries.
Your first skin lightening session at Beauty of Wax will last about 15 to 20 minutes; add extra time if you want to do additional areas. If you need follow-up sessions, they may take less time. Our package price also includes two South Beach Lightening products to take home – one Gel and one Soothing Lotion — which you will received at your first session.

While some products are available for home use, intimate area skin bleaching is quite a delicate procedure and a professional session is stronger, faster and most importantly, safer.  All of our aestheticians have been thoroughly trained by the company in administering the gel safely to achieve optimal results with no pain and no problems.

Most doctors agree that a professional visit for this very personal service is well worth the money.  A comparison of our price to New York prices quoted on line shows that we’re just a fraction of what some people up north are paying.
And of course, since the products are applied by technicians in the spa, you can expect more precise results, as they can can see what they’re doing in the areas that you can’t!  You will see results after one session, but some may need additional sessions, depending on the work needed, and you may need to apply lightening products at home between sessions.

Keep in mind that you may need to skip sexual activities for three to five days post-treatment, even if the treated area isn’t irritated. And if the skin in the anal area is open or raw at any time after treatment, you should continue to abstain.  You should also avoid waxing and laser hair removal, plus activities such as hot yoga, running, bathing, wearing a thong, and soaking in a hot tub, or at least exercise caution, until you are completely healed.

Some say that beauty is only skin deep.  In this case, maybe it goes a little deeper.  We say that if there is something that bothers you and you can fix it, go for it.  We are here to help.

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