It Scrubbed Me the Right Way!

It Scrubbed Me the Right Way!
Body Scrubs Get You and Your Skin Ready to Face the Heat and Humidity of a Florida Summer.


Snakes do it.  Lobsters do it.  Tarantulas do it.  Actually, just about every living creature in the world does it.  We do it too. We’re just the only species that makes a luxury out of it.


They call it molting.  Or sloughing, also spelled sluffing.  It’s getting rid of our dry, flaky winter skin, and emerging with a silky, shiny new outer layer as we head into the warmer season. We call it having a body scrub or body polish, and it’s one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves as we get ready for summer.


Simply put, it’s a spa treatment which exfoliates the skin on your whole body, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, moisturized and soft. A therapist or aesthetician rubs a mild abrasive product across and into your skin, then rinses it away to reveal a soft, moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin. But here at Beauty of Wax, it’s so much more. It’s a full, relaxing spa experience that leaves you with not only smooth skin but a cool, calm and collected body and mind, ready to face whatever the outside world throws at you.


Your special time begins in a quiet, softly-lit room where you’ll enjoy a light-to-medium strength massaging rub all over your body, using our secret, proprietary blend of organic oils and polishing grains.  This has the double benefit of relaxing your muscles and relaxing your mind! It exfoliates and removes dead skin cells while beginning to open the pores for easy absorption of a skin moisturizer into the healthy new skin.


You’re then brought to a warm shower where you remove all the particles while leaving most of the oils to penetrate, and then sometimes, depending upon which package you opt for, a personal sauna.  Then it’s back into the massage room for another rubdown, this time with a heavier moisturizing cream which seeps into your freshly-exfoliated skin and stays on your body, leaving you silky smooth when you emerge and step back into the real world.


And oh yeah, there’s champagne.  Before, during or after. Or any combination of the above.  Your choice.


Among the many benefits of a body scrub are fresh and rejuvenated skin, opened pores which hold onto moisturizers deeper and longer, better reception for skin care products and self-tanners, and the ability to draw out and eliminate bacteria and other toxins. Humans naturally shed between 11,000-23,000 skin cells an hour (!) and it usually takes about a month before new skin cells reach the top layer of your body. Regular scrubs will help your face and body look younger, fresher and just better.  And you’ll feel great too.


And isn’t that what it’s all about?


Come to Beauty of Wax, Where South Florida Comes to Get Sexy, and ask about our Body Scrubs.  Say you read about it here for special summer packages.
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