Toning, Sculpting, and Collagen Boosting Treatment? Introducing the Latest Wood Therapy in Hollywood, Florida!

wood therapy Hollywood

What if we told you that there is a way to see noticeable changes in your body without having to resort to surgeries or hardcore workout routines? Debuting wood therapy in Hollywood, Florida that can reduce cellulite, eliminate toxins and give you the sculpted body you’ve always wanted. 

As a luxurious facial treatment spa in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida we love to make you look and feel amazing with our latest beauty treatments, which is why wood therapy is such an exciting addition to our services! Sign us up for a non-invasive and effective way to look fabulous!

wood therapy Hollywood

Sometimes, even if you have been fantastic with your diet and have a balanced exercise plan, there are some self-conscious areas that you can’t seem to get rid of. Wood therapy can help you have sleek, sculpted, and smooth skin by actively circulating fatty pockets that not even vigorous exercise can remove. Learn more about innovative wood therapy with Beauty of Wax!


What is wood sculpting therapy?

Wood therapy is a body sculpting technique that uses sculpted wooden instruments to tone and improve the body’s size and proportions. The massage technique is unlike a regular massage – it’s carried out by targeting localized areas of stubborn fat pockets and cellulite. The best part of wood therapy is that the grooves and structure of the wooden elements are made to loosen tight and tired muscles and redistribute fatty tissue, resulting in smooth and tighter skin.


The benefits of wood therapy are endless!

With wood sculpting having numerous benefits to our bodies, it’s time to celebrate all it can do! Here are just some of the great things that you can experience when you go for a wood therapy in Hollywood session:

  • Non-invasive and 100% natural
  • Eliminates built-up toxins in the body
  • Tightens and tones muscle groups
  • Reduces cellulite and breaks down fatty tissue
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • No pain medication, injections, or lasers required
  • Boosts collagen levels responsible for healthy hair growth and youthful skin

Wood therapy is a progressive beauty treatment because it works after you have left our spa. Through activating your metabolism and boosting collagen production, your body will feel the advantages for years to come.


When do I see results?

Wood therapy is like a facelift for your body – it tightens up your skin’s surface, tones, and sculpts areas, all while increasing collagen production in your body to keep you looking youthful and energized.

Our professional Beauty of Wax team is specialized in giving you the best wood therapy treatments that contours your waist, lifts the buttocks, and says ‘buh-bye’ to cellulite! A majority of our happy clients have seen visible results within the first treatment, and full effects within just a few sessions. The more consistent you are with your sessions, the faster you will see results. One of the greatest things about wood therapy in Hollywood is that even if you choose to do one session, you will see the results for close to three months!


What does wood therapy feel like?

Using repetitive movements with more than a dozen wood elements, your treatment will not only feel great, you will also feel completely energized after your session. You might feel a little discomfort as your body is getting adjusted to the pressure for the first few minutes, but your session is pain-free. 

We work with you to find the perfect balance of pressure and the right amount of repetitive movements to kickstart your body’s fatty tissue. You can trust us when we say that your wood therapy session will feel close to a soothing massage while getting all the added benefits of sculpting and toning your body naturally.


The summer is here! Feel your sexiest self with wood therapy in Hollywood, Florida!

Wood therapy is not only the perfect balance between a fantastic massage and a non-invasive way to tone your body, it also boosts your confidence knowing you look sexy!

Book your appointment with us today and see what Florida is raving about with our affordable wood therapy packages! 


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