Intimate Lightening Treatments Beauty of Wax Hollywood Broward County Florida

Intimate Lightening Treatments Beauty of Wax Hollywood Broward County Florida. This treatment is designed to improve pigmentation, rejuvenate, and lighten the skin in the genital and anal region. This procedure can be performed on both men and women and consists of treating the hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots) on the body. Besides private areas we can also lighten inner thighs, under arms, and neck. If other areas are needed please ask and we can accommodate.

We ask that clients intimate areas be waxed 24 to 48 hrs before the procedure for best results. If client is a regular waxer we can do both the wax and the lightening on the same day. Loose clothing is recommended to wear to the appointment. The procedure is very simple and completely non invasive.t First is a cleansing of the area, followed by a light exfoliation, and then finally the peeling is applied. The treatment is painless overall and we recommend no physical exercise on the same day. Avoid sun on areas treated as well. We strongly suggest  4 sessions (1 every week)  to achieve best results in your skin lightening.

The main benefit of intimate lightening is increased self-confidence. Patients will have no reason to be self-conscious or embarrassed about the darkened appearance of their genital or anal area. No longer will they be nervous or ashamed to be naked in front of their partner. Rather, patients will feel attractive and empowered, two traits which may even improve a woman’s sex life.



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