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We all want to have a beautiful smile, and teeth are a huge part of it but your teeth can interfere with that and start to look a little yellow depending on your diet, health, or age. With so many whitening products on the market and both professional and at-home options, it can be hard finding the right fit and understanding which gives you the best bang for your buck.


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Beauty of Wax provides you with many options to help you feel your best and boost your confidence. Being a waxing spa in Hollywood Florida that provides a variety of facial treatments including teeth whitening services in Hollywood Florida.


How do teeth turn yellow?

Along with a lack of dental hygiene, your teeth can go yellow over time because of things like your age, diet, overall health or if you smoke. Things that stain teeth more include soft drinks, coffee, smoking, acidic foods, grinding your teeth and thus wearing down protective enamel and more. Genetics also comes into play, determining the thinness of your enamel and playing a strong role in the overall whiteness of your dentin.


Is teeth whitening bad for your teeth?

Many people are well aware that teeth whitening can lead to more sensitive teeth, especially if your teeth are already sensitive. But depending on the method used to whiten whether its bleaching or another approach there can be a risk of bleaching your gums or even burning your gums if not done with the proper care.

If used incorrectly a home whitening kit can leave burned or bleached gums and people with sensitive teeth feeling uncomfortable. At-home products can only go so far as well, if you have brown, grey, or purple teeth then over the counter whitening products cant do much to help you and end up doing more harm than good. In this case, going to meet with a professional who can determine the right approach for your teeth is the best.


With such a variety of whitening options, which are the most effective?

There are a lot of whitening products or kits out on the market each with varying effectiveness, whitening toothpaste is often hotly debated but lacks in overall effectiveness. That’s because to get the full effects the chemicals need to be in contact with teeth for approximately 20 minutes to have any real effect. This can even go up to an hour or more long depending. Whitening strips work a bit better but run the risk of you accidentally temporarily bleaching your gums.

The best option is to go see a professional, with the right whitening products and the expertise they can give you the best results with minimal risks. There are a variety of bleaches available to use on teeth such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide so having a professional know which is the best fit for your teeth is important. 

At-home whitening options can range between containing 3% to 20% peroxide meanwhile professional in-office treatments contain about 15% to 43% peroxide. This lets you get whiter teeth and much quicker, with a higher peroxide content giving you a shorter treatment time to get the same effects and better as over the counter items. 


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Get back your pearly whites with the right care and treatment for a teeth whitening session. While over the counter whitening products can be ineffective and have the potential to harm more than help the team at Beauty of Wax knows how to get you feeling right. Get in touch today to get your teeth sparkling and shining!

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