Hair Removal Spa – Hollywood Florida | Summer Checklist: The Benefits of a Full Brazilian Wax

As summer approaches people are starting to think more about that summer body and getting ready to relax by the beach and go swimming. For many people, just shaving is enough or trying out an at-home wax but Brazilian waxes have some great benefits that can’t be ignored. Beauty of Wax is a quality hair removal spa in Hollywood Florida with the best Brazillian wax techniques and experienced staff to make the depilation in Hollywood Florida experience fully comfortable for you. 



What Is a Brazilian Wax?

Also known as the “bare wax” a Brazillian wax goes from your belly button all the way to the back. Waxing on, around and beyond the bikini zone to leave you fully hair-free and worry-free. Sometimes people prefer to personalize their wax leaving a bit of hair left over to create a more natural wax look but otherwise, if all nooks and crannies are fully covered its still classified as a Brazillian.

One thing to keep in mind is that waxing needs hairs to grab onto, so especially if you regularly shave before your appointment you need to take a break and let it grow a bit. If your hair is too long it is no problem, it can easily be trimmed to prep for the treatment but having it fully shaved doesn’t give anything for the wax to latch onto and get the full results of a  Brazillian wax


The Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

Everyone knows that great smooth skin feeling after you shave, a Brazillian brings that feeling up to the max levels removing your hair and also exfoliating at the same time, removing any dead skin cells. This can really boost confidence, no more worries about and stray missed hairs or spots with some stubble. You can’t help but feel your best when you are fully clear of hair and having the smoothest skin.

A huge benefit is that a Brazillian can last longer than many other options, depending on your rate of hair growth instead of being smooth for just 2 days you can feel great and smooth for weeks! Approximately 3 to 4 weeks you can still feel the great effects of the Brazilian wax. Along with staying hair-free longer, you can also find that hair growth becomes sparser. Shaving only cuts the hair at skin level where its the thickest, but a wax treatment like this removes the hair from the root ensuring it grows back thinner and sparser. 

So all and all you can rely on a Brazilian wax to give you:

  1. Excellent comfort
  2. Smoother skin
  3. Exfoliating effects
  4. Boosted confidence
  5. Longer downtime before maintenance
  6. Thinner and sparser hair regrowth afterwards


I’ve Waxed My Legs Before Can I Just Do It At Home?

Experts actually recommend against doing a Brazillian wax at home, with working with such a sensitive area doing it at home can go south fast and end up being much more painful and less effective than if done by a qualified professional. Experts say you’ll get faster, better, and safer results with an experienced professional than working along at home. Missed spots, ingrown hairs afterwards, significant pain from the wax, issues arising from bad sanitization, and even infections can all happen without the proper care and attention. 


Trust the Best Hair Removal Spa in Hollywood, Florida

We are here to help you along the way even if you need help getting past the anxiety of having a wax or worries about any pain or discomfort. Our professional team at Beauty of Wax has years of experience making sure to give you the best waxing experience and results that anyone can offer.

Contact us to get a smooth Brazilian Wax that sets you up for the summer!

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