Goodbye Cellulite – Hello Tighter and Smoother Skin for 2022 with Wood Therapy!

Wood Therapy

2022 is your year to feel the sexiest you’ve ever felt – and our waxing spa is here to make it happen! Have a bit of cellulite that you want to go? Wood therapy! Want to tighten your stomach to get bikini therapy? Wood therapy!

Wood therapy combines the relaxation techniques of a Swedish massage with the rejuvenating effects of body contouring. The treatment directs its attention to the ‘problem areas’ in your body that you want to address and releases tension and tightens the area without any scalpels or lasers!

“From the moment you walk through the door you will be treated as a VIP and we look forward to catering to all your beauty needs. From a multitude of waxing services, massages, facials, fibroblast, and infrared sauna and skincare products, Skin and Body by Beauty of Wax beauty spa has the complete beauty solutions to satisfy all of your needs.”


How can I maintain my results?

If you love the results of wood therapy treatments (which we’re sure you will!), you’ll want to book at least a monthly appointment to experience the best results and reap the long-term benefits. The best part? The sessions don’t hurt because they are a non-invasive method. Initially, you may feel a bit of discomfort as a massage technician applies direct pressure on the area requested, but that is due to the kickstart in your circulation flowing. In a few minutes, however, you will be accustomed to the sensation and begin to relax!


Cellulite – Be Gone!

Out are the ointments and creams that promise you the reduction of your cellulite and in is wood therapy treatments that are efficient without the use of lasers! By stimulating and clearing the lymphatic system, small fat deposits can be eliminated, along with your body being detoxed and boosting your immune system.

So aside from eliminating your cellulite, wood therapy also offers you a variety of health benefits. While the treatments have been proven to reduce fatty pockets, we still encourage you to adopt a healthy diet and exercise plan to keep fit and feel great.


Are wood therapy and body contouring the same thing?

While both of the treatments have the same goal in mind, the techniques behind each of them are very different. Body contouring helps tighten the skin and improve elasticity, while wood therapy helps break down the fatty pocket. Wood therapy is a completely natural and safe method of reducing fat with specialized wooden tools while a body contouring procedure involves a bit of a more invasive approach of using lasers to freeze the fat.

Whatever your preferred method is, we can always advise you on how to reach your physical body goals to help you feel your best!


Wood therapy = limitless benefits

  • Improvement of the definition of your arms, legs and hips
  • 100% natural and non-invasive
  • Promotes your body’s detoxification and cleansing to give you more energy
  • Loosens tight muscles and enhances flexibility
  • Helps relieve muscle tension and soreness
  • Breaks down fatty pockets, cellulite and reshapes areas that you want to be improved
  • Activates the firming of your skin and makes your skin appear smoother and younger


When do I see results?

Wood therapy is like a facelift for your body – it tightens up your skin’s surface, tones, and sculpts areas, all while increasing collagen production in your body to keep you looking youthful and energized.

Our professional Beauty of Wax team is specialized in giving you the best wood therapy treatments that contour your waist, lift the buttocks, and say ‘buh-bye’ to cellulite! A majority of our happy clients have seen visible results within the first treatment, and full effects within just a few sessions. The more consistent you are with your sessions, the faster you will see results. One of the greatest things about wood therapy in Hollywood is that even if you choose to do one session, you will see the results for close to three months!


2022 is your year – feel your sexiest self with wood therapy sessions that help you feel younger and fitter!

You’re constantly on the search to look and be your best – begin with our wood therapy sessions that are aimed to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatty pockets. The time to start is now with an appointment with our friendly staff!


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