Getting Hot, Hot, Hot this Fall with Our Infrared Sauna! Lose Weight, Sleep Better and Look Younger!

infrared sauna Hollywood FL

Are you interested in a boosted immune system? How about looking 10 years younger and feeling great? Our infrared sauna for weight loss can give you all the health and aesthetic benefits without any side effects! You owe it to yourself to feel the best you’ve ever felt before 2021 is over!

infrared sauna Hollywood FL

It’s time to sweat it out and lose those extra pounds – without having to sacrifice that brownie! Our infrared sauna in Hollywood, Florida can give you many health benefits, including better skin, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation that can lead to healthy weight loss!

Feel your best this fall and our infrared sauna sessions can help you heal your body and instantly make you feel younger.


Getting steamy while getting skinny

The regular use of an infrared sauna has the same effect as doing a short moderate workout. The increase in your heart rate is similar to the effects of using an exercise bike for 20 minutes, as it accelerates your cardiovascular system – think of it as a ‘passive workout’.

While you’re being immersed in the comfortable heat, your body gets to work without you feeling any side effects! Your body is immediately subjected to producing sweat, pumping blood and burning the calories that came from that afternoon mimosa. As the body increases sweat production to cool itself, the heart works harder to pump blood, boosting body circulation. So while you’re enjoying the relaxation benefits, your body is actually burning close to 600 calories per session.


While you’re losing weight, decrease your appearance with cellulite too!

Cellulite. While it doesn’t conjure up the best images in our heads, over 90% of ladies get it as we get older. At Beauty of Wax, we always strive to make you feel your best at any age, and infrared treatments have actually been proven to reduce the look of cellulite, as they increase your metabolism and increase localized blood circulation. 

The infrared radiant heat of a sauna warms three times as deep as conventional saunas, making it a much easier process to melt away that stubborn cellulite pockets. Infrared saunas can help increase blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, helping get rid of harmful toxins in your body. When you invest in frequent sauna sessions, you’re allowing your body to get rid of heavy metals that it has absorbed such as lead, mercury, and nickel!


Why choose one benefit when you can experience them all!

Adding our infrared sauna treatments to your wellness routine means that you want to take your health and lifestyle goals seriously. Whether you’re looking to be in a state of pure bliss and relaxation, or you’re looking for some deep muscle recovery, our infrared sessions can certainly satisfy your needs. Frequent infrared sauna sessions have been proven to provide our clients with:

  • Joint pain relief
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Rejuvenated skin 
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy detoxification
  • Better sleep
  • Boosted immune system and metabolism
  • Long-term stress relief


Sweat the stress away and book your infrared sauna session today!

From weight loss to muscle recovery to skin tightening, our infrared sauna will restore your body and your mind this fall!

Optimize your healthy lifestyle by implementing frequent infrared sauna sessions with our professional and friendly team! You know you can always turn to us to make you feel fantastic at any age while helping you detoxify your body of any chemicals. 

Book your session today with Beauty of Wax and experience healthy weight loss without lifting a finger!

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