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Summer is almost here! If you’re thinking about showing some skin this season, then a Brazilian wax might be the perfect option for you.



It’s important to approach a trusted wax clinic in Hollywood Florida that follows the strictest standards of hygiene. The thought of a full-body wax may be nerve-wracking for first-timers, which is why it’s best to come to Beauty of Wax, a massage and wax clinic with over 20 years of experience and voted Hollywood’s best spa. Our highly trained estheticians always deliver exception results and try to minimize your discomfort as much as possible.


What to Expect When You Come in

Brazilian bikini waxes are a very popular method of hair removal in the U.S. They differ from standard bikini waxing in that the hair is removed completely. While some people opt to have what’s known as a “landing strip” on the front, most prefer to get it all off. The latter is also known as a Hollywood wax.

Your waxing session will take place in a private room where it will be just you and the esthetician. You will be requested to remove every item of clothing from the waist down and lie on a comfortable table laden with clean bedding. This session can run between 15 to 30 minutes.

Some women do consider this an embarrassing experience, but we like to compare it to a visit to a gynecologist. It is a standard and professional procedure, there will be no judgment and no outside prying eyes, and the session is done before you know it!


Does Your Hair Have to be a Certain Length For a Brazilian Wax?

Ideally, the hair growth should be ¼ of an inch (the length of a rice grain) if it is finer and ½ an inch if it is coarser. Hair that is too short won’t be grabbed by the waxing strip and you’ll notice uneven results after the session.

Bear in mind, hair that is longer than this could result in more pain. This is why your esthetician may choose to trim the hair first before commencing with the waxing.


How to Prep For Your Waxing Session

If this is your first session, we recommend easing into it so that it is as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Some first-timers prefer to start with a regular wax and then tackle its Brazilian counterpart.

If you go the Brazilian route, make sure that your first appointment is at least a week after your period. For follow up sessions, it’s best to get the waxing re-done after an interval of 3-4 weeks as staggering sessions too much will lead to more pain.

Some estheticians will, upon your request, apply a topical anesthesia a few minutes before the process. You can also ask your doctor about taking ibuprofen an hour prior to the session.


Post-Session Tips

After the wax, try avoiding anything that could irritate the skin. Wear loose clothing, use fragrant-free items and stay away from rigorous workouts and rough intercourse.

Should you notice redness, inflammation or swelling, exfoliate the region with a body scrub and follow that up with a lotion.

The best course of action? Check with your esthetician about post-wax care, no one will be able to guide you better!


Get Silky Smooth Skin and a Comfortable Experience at Beauty of Wax

Our clinic has performed countless Brazilian waxes to the point where we’ve perfected the art. You can expect a warm and friendly staff, quality products, high attention to detail, and the strictest standards of hygiene.

Nervous about the first session? Come to Beauty of Wax and we can give you the results you need along with a very pleasant experience. Contact us to book your first appointment.

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