Facials have come a long way since the cucumber-on-the-eye technique.
No one can stop you from getting older, but we can help you diminish signs of ageing. Our professional beauty technicians will help you maintain a youthful appearance while helping your skin combat fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. 

We love treating people of all ages, whether you’re 22 or 92, we’ve got the perfect facial for you!

Radiant and healthy skin affects the way you look and feel. Regular treatments slow down the signs of ageing and deep cleaning impurities that have accumulated over time. Our range of visage addons can help you maximize the benefits of your facial. 

We believe that smooth skin = healthy skin.
Our facials are performed by licensed aesthetic therapists that understand the composition of your skin. Additional benefits to routine services include:

✔ Re-hydrating your skin
✔ Unclogging of pores
✔ Improving circulation
✔ Boosting collagen levels
✔ Preventing potential breakouts
✔ Reducing dry skin spots
✔ Stopping acne scarring and spots

Beauty of Wax has introduced a number of facials that will help you glow from the outside in. Want flawless skin and boosted confidence? Choose one of the options below.