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Feeling a bit worn out and burnt out from the holiday season? Or maybe you just want to start the new year fresh with a little treat for yourself to improve your condition? Deep tissue massages might just be right for you and Beauty of Wax can give you the right massage and wax in Hollywood, Florida.

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massages use your body and muscles’ natural reflex towards pressure to help relax and release the area of tension. To live up to its namesake and reach deep to problem tissues, muscles, and areas a lot of pressure is applied.

Many people would describe the feeling like a “good hurt” where there is slight discomfort because the tense areas you got used to are being treated and getting the attention they are not used to but also feels good because of that tension release. 

Generally, the intensity of the massage increases over time, starting out lighter to warm up and prepare your muscles. Different techniques can be applied from stripping, which is a deep gliding pressure along the muscle fibres and friction, which has pressure applied across the grain of the muscles to realign tissue fibres and release and friction or resistance.

Are deep tissue massages painful?

Massage therapists work together with clients to make sure nothing goes past your own personal pain tolerance, it’s important to us to make sure everything is comfortable. If someone has a low pain tolerance then it’s important to us to be accommodating, so depending on your tolerance and comfortability multiple treatments may be recommended. 

This does not mean that the harder the massage is the more likely you are to get fast results though, this is a common misconception. If someone is too harsh then it can just end up causing more issues, most tense muscles are built up through a long period of time possibly years and so they need to be treated as such and worked on through time.

You should always tell your massage therapist if it’s too much, we can adjust the technique and prepare the tissues more if they are too tense. Tense muscles make it hard for the treatment to be effective so it’s best to be open and honest about any discomfort fro both you and us.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage

This massage type reaches to deeper layers of muscle tissue, making many people go into a deep state of relaxation. Deep tissue massages can have a wide range of benefits for conditions such as:

  • lower back pain
  • sports injuries
  • stiff neck, sore shoulders, and tense upper back
  • tight muscles in their arms and legs
  • musculoskeletal issues
  • postural problems
  • strains
  • sciatica
  • tennis elbow
  • limited mobility
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • muscle tension in the hamstrings, glutes, and legs
  • piriformis syndrome
  • fibromyalgia

After your deep tissue massage

Right after the treatment, you might feel a bit stiff but that will probably subside within about a day or two. The best thing you can do after a session is to drink water to flush out anything that was worked out of your muscles and start working on preventative measures and improving your lifestyle so the massages can be more effective and that issues will not reappear later.

Things like regular exercise, working on your posture, practicing different relaxation techniques, regular massages scheduled, and even working on how you walk can have a great impact on improving your health and the effects of deep massages.

Is a deep tissue massage right for me?

If you have any doubts about if you’re able to receive this treatment because of medical conditions please check with your care provider to make sure. Deep tissue massages are recommended for people that:

  • Do not have blood clots
  • Are not diagnosed with lymphodema
  • Does not have thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis
  • Hasn’t recently had surgery, or chemotherapy
  • Does not have any bruises, unhealed wounds, or recent fractures
  • Are not pregnant
  • Wants to ease muscle pain
  • Do not have ankylosing spondylitis
  • Have limited movement
  • Finds their joints rigid and inflexible
  • Need stress relief

What are you waiting for? Deep tissue massages can help with a variety of issues to help you start the new year feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Whether you suffer effects from a recent injury or you have problems with fixing your posture or even just need relief from built-up stress this massage can promote recovery and release tension. Helping you on your way to a clean bill of health.

Contact Beauty of Wax today to set up your first deep tissue massage appointment.

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