Body Waxing for Men


Wanna Put Some Hair on Your Chest?  Nope, Not This Year!

Remember when Body Hair was perceived as Good and Manly? If you’re younger than 40, probably not. First, it was the athletes, especially the swimmers, who realized that a smooth sleek body, like that of a seal or a sea lion, gave them more speed and agility to glide through the water and win the race. Then, it was the body builders, to show off their cuts and muscles and then it was the gay guys — for pretty much the same reason.  And soon, it was the straight guys too, some ‘cause they were hot and itchy, some ‘cause
they just thought it would look better, and a lot who just do it for their girls. Especially in their, umm, private parts.

But what’s a guy to do?  Shaving only goes so far (as far as you can reach, for sure), and it grows back fast, and stubbly.  Depilatories smell bad, and again, you need a friend to reach your back, and lots of guys were terrified of waxing after seeing that scene
with Steve Carell in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” back in 2005.  But not to
worry, waxing has come a long way since then, especially here at Beauty of Wax.

You may have read in a previous post that we now have an Organic Wax that hurts less and is kinder to your skin.  Well, it’s great for men too, especially the first time, when there’s much more hair to take off. So what’s the real scoop on getting smooth all over?
Here’s a few tips from the pros:

1) Don’t be scared.  It doesn’t really hurt that much, so calm down and man up.  Pop a few ibuprofen beforehand if you’re super sensitive, (but DO NOT DRINK — it will make you even more sensitive).

If you’re really afraid, come in for a test wax on a tiny area first.  Call us for an appointment.
It’ll be over before you know it.

2)Be hairy: Put the trimmers away and let hair grow to at least one quarter of an inch before your appointment.  Hairs must be long enough (about ¼ inch) for the wax to stick to, for effective removal,

3) Exfoliate your hairy parts before you come to avoid ingrown hairs. This is a good practice anyway and takes a minute in the shower with a loofah.  It
dead skin cells and opens hair follicles so they’re more easily pulled from the roots.  Don’t do it though you right before or right after hair removal, to avoid redness and irritation.   Scrub a day or two before waxing, not same day so you don’t overdo it.

4) Avoid steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, strenuous exercising and sex right after waxing, again to avoid bumps, redness and irritation.  Your pores will be open and they need to relax to avoid getting full of muck and keep away that horrible scourge…bacne!

5) If you have any bumps or irritation after waxing, give it a day, and then you might want to follow up with a soothing after shave or anti bump cream — if it works after shaving, it will hopefully work after waxing as well.

Salons across the country are reporting a 25 to 30 percent increase in waxing business for men, for every body part from eyebrows down.  Backs and chests are the most popular body parts to be waxed, with ears and noses running a close second, and genitals and butts
following close “behind”.  “Butt” don’t feel like it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Be selective.

While some men have never even thought of waxing as a guy thing, many are  finding that they like the clean feeling, and that they don’t sweat as much after.  Or that their partner likes it better. One of our clients told us that her husband’s kinky grey back hair
was the oldest-looking thing about him, and that with it gone, she feels like she’s with a much younger man.  Which benefits them both.

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