Bikini season is year-round – Make sure you’re prepared with professional painless waxing spa treatments!

painless waxing spa

While you’re busy getting into the fall spirit with some pumpkin spiced lattes, digging up your trendiest jackets and taking in the brisk air, make sure you don’t forget about remaining silky smooth as the weather drops. 

painless waxing spa

If you are a hardcore waxing fanatic or wondering if you should start waxing for the first time, our professional and friendly spa team can take care of you with the highest level of customer service. If you’re a passionate individual always on the go, our mobile spa services in Florida can pamper you wherever you are!

Having smooth skin is attainable in all seasons! While waxing by a professional is virtually pain-free, some people will experience a bit of discomfort. Not to worry, that pain is temporary and you will leave our spa feeling your best!

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4 reasons that waxing in the fall can keep your skin youthful!

We offer you painless painless waxing spa appointments that give you that extra boost during the fall, while you’re experiencing silky smooth skin year-round! A steady waxing regimen can help reduce hair growth over time and even prevent it from growing thicker and stronger. So next time you’re thinking of skipping your waxing appointment, consider these numerous benefits of waxing during the fall:


  1. Healthier skin. The dropping temperatures can have a drastic effect on the way your skin looks that may include a higher chance of your skin looking flaky. Waxing can actually help your skin become exfoliated, getting rid of any skin cells and increasing blood circulation. So while you’re enjoying your silky skin, also enjoy the benefits of healthy blood circulation that’ll keep you looking younger!
  2. Less pain, more gain. It’s been proven that waxing during colder temperatures is actually less painful than in the sweltering heat. While we’re lucky enough that Florida temperatures are gorgeous year-round, the fall can sometimes bring on colder temperatures. Your hair follicles are more brittle and easier to pull out in the fall, so go ahead and book that waxing appointment ASAP.
  3. Tossing the razor out permanently. There’s always a great time to show off your legs – whether it’s a Halloween party or a New Year’s bash, your legs are going to be front and center! If you aren’t keeping up with your waxing routine, you might be tempted to reach for that disposable razor. Eliminate the chances of getting ingrown hairs from a razor, and keep up with your frequent waxing appointments. 
  4. Keep on glowin’! When you have hairless skin, you just naturally have a glow about you. While Beauty of Wax is inclusive of all hair types and choices, we always encourage body waxing to give you that boosted confidence and keep you glowing. Plus, waxing provides your skin with a new layer of moisture that keeps you radiating and always ready to hit up the next event!


Year-Round Waxing Is What You Need to Keep Your Skin Smooth and Silky

You’ll always be sexy, no matter the season. When you need that extra boost of confidence when the weather drops, trust us with making your skin silky smooth! Our team can advise you on the frequency of your waxing spa appointments to achieve the smoothest skin while offering you the ongoing benefits of choosing to wax over shave! Can’t wait to see you soon. 😘

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