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 Where south Florida comes to get sexy!


We are known for our high-quality, professional hair removal wax services and our affordable prices.

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Organic Wax

Made with natural elements from the Amazon, it is a high-quality and efficient wax.

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Full body 100% natural wax developed and made in Brazil. It is composed of elements extracted directly from the Amazon, such as cocoa, almonds, cupuaçu, and honey, resulting in a plastic free high quality product, perfect for all types of skin. The melting of the wax occurs at a very low temperature, avoiding any burns in your skin.

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Pure ingredients yield product of the highest quality.

At Beauty of CBD it’s an absolute necessity that we disallow any contaminants to enter our products. We strive to produce the best cannabidiol at a potency at 80% or higher to ensure our patients the best results for any and all ailments, debilitating or not.

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[cz_testimonials name=”Cachita L.” subname=”-Google” style=”7″ id=”cz_82473″ avatar=”2535″]Beauty of Wax is amazing. Owner and staff really go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. I enthusiastically encourage you to try Beauty of Wax.[/cz_testimonials][cz_gap height=”20px” id=”cz_51341″]
[cz_testimonials name=”Lacey M.” subname=”-Google” style=”7″ id=”cz_55677″ avatar=”2536″]I have been coming here for over ten years. Maribel is a lovely person who runs a great business, Fiorella rocks eyebrows. Highly recommended!![/cz_testimonials][cz_gap height=”60px” id=”cz_41427″]
[cz_testimonials name=”Andrea M.” subname=”-Google” style=”7″ id=”cz_35807″ avatar=”2537″]The service was wonderful and I was made comfortable from the moment I arrived. Patricia was very gentle and careful. It was a wonderful experience,Thank you Beauty of Wax.[/cz_testimonials][cz_gap height=”20px” id=”cz_83379″]
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