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Deep Tissue Massage (Overview, Benefits, Results) | Massage and Wax Clinic Hollywood, Florida

Start the new year off right with a rejuvenating massage, letting you start over fresh and feeling relieved and relaxed. Helping with a range of issues from tense muscles, to stress, and limited mobility deep tissues massages can revive your body.

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Hair Removal: Shaving, Waxing or Laser – Which is Best For Me? Body Waxing Services Hollywood, Florida

Is waxing the safest and most effective hair removal option? It just may be as many people are now reaching to this treatment over lasers and shaving. Read on to find out why.

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What’s the Rub?

A Therapeutic Massage at Beauty of Wax is Good for All That Ails You! AHHHHH….Massage.  Is it one of life’s greatest pleasures?  Or one of life’s necessities? If you use your body for anything besides eating and sleeping, it’s both. I tell my boyfriend, who has never had one, all the time.  But he doesn’t

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You’ve Got Nail!

I think we nailed it — introducing our newest Beauty of Wax service! You asked and we delivered!  We’re thrilled to welcome Veronica and Janeth who will continue in the Beauty of Wax tradition of pampering and pleasing you, our fabulous clients, while they caress and beautify your hands and feet like the rest of

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It Scrubbed Me the Right Way!

It Scrubbed Me the Right Way! Body Scrubs Get You and Your Skin Ready to Face the Heat and Humidity of a Florida Summer.   Snakes do it.  Lobsters do it.  Tarantulas do it.  Actually, just about every living creature in the world does it.  We do it too. We’re just the only species that

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Lighten Up — Yes, Even There!


Beauty is Everywhere — Here’s the Scoop on Skin Lightening for those Private Areas that you May Have Been Embarrassed to Discuss Even With Your Closest Confidant! Here at Beauty of Wax, we do our best to be on top of the trends in the beauty business.  And sometimes we find things that maybe you

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Do You HIFU?

HIFU Treatment

You know how sometimes you start out a conversation about one thing and it turns into a totally different conversation? Or you know you want to buy one kind of thing and you end up completely loving something else? Well, this kind of thing happens all the time in the medical field. Lots and lots

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Skin Care for Teens


Every time I see a teenager with acne I cringe, especially when it’s really bad. “Why doesn’t that kid’s mother do something about that?” I think.  I don’t blame the kid. I blame the mother. Mothers are supposed to know everything. But, one of my friends told me, her 17 year old son, who has

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Botox Your Blues Away…

Have fun at one of our Botox Parties while you inject those bothersome frowny muscles into submission to give yourself a happier, more youthful look. I personally have been getting shots in my face since the year 2000. And yes, I know I look far too young to have been doing that for so long.

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Body Waxing for Men


Wanna Put Some Hair on Your Chest?  Nope, Not This Year! Remember when Body Hair was perceived as Good and Manly? If you’re younger than 40, probably not. First, it was the athletes, especially the swimmers, who realized that a smooth sleek body, like that of a seal or a sea lion, gave them more

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