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Beauty of Wax has been in the beauty business for over 20 years and we understand the importance of feeling beautiful on the inside and looking our best on the outside. 

Our licensed cosmetologists and facial specialists can empower you to look and feel your best. Driven by our need to make all of our patrons feel beautiful, we are constantly progressing our services to remain the top facial treatment spa in Hollywood, FL and recently branching out to our Miami neighbours.

Besides our industry-leading cosmetology services such as men and women waxing, body treatments and HIFU facelift, we are experts in RF therapy, a revolutionary technology that has helped our clients rediscover youthful and glowing skin.


What Is RF Technology?

RF therapy, or Radiofrequency therapy, is a progressive and non-invasive method in tightening your skin by stimulating the production of collagen. Radiofrequency waves are low radiating waves that cause your body to release heat-shock proteins causing a steep increase in collagen fibres. Using energy waves to heat the deep layers of your skin called the dermis, RF therapy boosts collagen makes your skin appear more youthful and glowing skin.


Is RF Therapy Safe For My Face?

The burning question is ‘Is RF therapy safe for my skin?’ and it is! It is completely understandable to wonder about the after-effects of Radiofrequency therapy treatments, and the good news is that there aren’t any severe reactions. A small number of clients have reported redness in the area that passes after a day however there is no needed recovery time, no scars, no anesthetics required and little to no pain that arises after the treatment. 

Four to six RF therapy treatments are advised for maximum facial skin tightening results, with each treatment lasting 45 minutes. 


What Are Some Benefits To Getting RF Therapy?

The increase of collagen that RF therapy produces reaps many benefits that will help your skin appear supple and luminous.

Tighter Skin: The primary response to RF therapy is the result of facial skin looking more youthful by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles that appear over time. With that included, you get a smoother forehead, a non-invasive facelift, tightening the skin around the eyes and an overall glow.

Face Contouring: Over the course of an 8 week RF therapy treatment, 73% of clients reported improved overall facial elasticity that made their skin appear tighter. RF therapy increases facial skin laxity so that you can look your best.

Face Slimming: We produce less collagen as we get older, resulting in your face appearing larger through unavoidable skin sagging. RF therapy tightens your face so that it appears tighter and slimmer.

Fighting Sun Damage: UV Sun rays are collagen’s biggest enemy because they rapidly degrade their production, causing the skin to break down at a much faster rate. Over the course of a 3 month RF treatment period, clients noticed a significant positive change in their sun-damaged skin.


What Will It Cost Me?

Full effects of RF therapy treatments will take four months and will last up to 2 years and like any other cosmetology treatments, RF therapy skin facial treatments will range from $1000 to $3000 depending on each individual. Due to its non-invasive approach and no recovery time, RF therapy is gaining worldwide attention that creates curious clients into loyal customers. 


Passionate Facial Treatment Spa in Hollywood, FL

We are dedicated to making all our clients’ experiences end in their best results, as we combine our passionate and skilled team with professional expertise in the beauty industry. Our RF therapy treatments help each individual rediscover their youthful glow and regain their confidence.

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