A Rundown of Our Best Massage Services | Deep Tissue Massage, Plantation, Hollywood Florida

Not all massages are built the same, each different type has a specific specialization and usage to fit your needs perfectly. That’s why our team at Beauty of Wax provides a range of different massages all with the same great quality and expertise to work with you. We are a free women’s wax spa located in South Florida (free for first time customers only), providing Swedish massages, pregnancy massages, deep tissue massages in Hollywood, Florida and more!



  1. Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massages focus on using finger pressure and stroke motions to directly target certain problem areas and tense knotted muscles. This style of massage eases any chronic pain, promotes muscle recovery, and helps with contracted areas on your neck, back, shoulders, and legs. We aim to give you great prices along with great treatment so an hour will cost you less than $125 dollars, coming in at 60 minutes for $119. 

A perfect fit for people who might have problems with posture, inflamed muscles, recent injuries such as whiplash or a fall, osteoarthritis pain, and more.


  1. Swedish Massage 

Swedish massages are a very popular option and for a reason, this massage style aims to relax the whole body removing all the stress built up from your day to day life and work. Using long strokes almost to help guide blood back to the heart to circulate. We offer Swedish massages for just under $100 for an hour. This is a great massage to go for if you have problems with things such as:

  • Low level of oxygen in your blood
  • Muscle toxins
  • Muscle tension
  • Circulation and flexibility
  • High levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body
  • A low number of lymphocytes, a white blood cell type that helps the immune system


  1. Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy can be a very stressful and sensitive time, that’s why we have a specialized treatment to help you with this time in your life. Your back, feet, everything can hurt especially the later into your pregnancy you are. Pregnancy or prenatal massage specializes in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and especially reducing lower back pain. We aim to make this as comfortable as possible making sure to account for positioning, pillows, and cushions to enhance support. 


  1. Beauty of Wax Signature Massage 

Last but not least, our very own signature massage! We designed our own specialized massage to be a rejuvenating treatment that stretches muscles, helping to deeply relax the body focusing directly on areas of concern. Being just under $120 dollars for a full hour of treatment this will help you be your best self and feel much better directly after the massage.  


Not Enough? We Also Provide Massage Enhancements! 

It’s simple and easy to add on extras to our massages if you would like more time or an additional small massage like our reflexology foot massage or the peppermint scalp massage, both for just under $30! We can also provide aromatherapy or stones to enhance the experience and fully get you relaxed and in the right mood. Reiki is another enhancement we can add-in for you with a 45-minute session to promote your healing process.


Reach Out to a Deep Tissue Massage Spa in Hollywood Florida 

No problem, just reach out to us at Beauty of Wax and we will do our best to find the best treatment for you and get you started! Whether you have tense knotted muscles, stress built up,  or lower back pain from pregnancy we are here to help you. Our team is highly experienced with each different massage treatment helping anyone and everyone reduce pain and improve your quality of life.

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